“My passion is helping people succeed and companies profit”.

I deliver training, speaking and coaching to improve organizational results by providing a systematic approach to changing behavior. The areas I focus on include leadership thinking, embracing uncertainty, personal and leadership effectiveness, habit change, and stress management. The benefits of my approach include cost savings for clients in the areas of productivity, retention, and improved employee engagement.

Paula’s Background

Paula Guilfoyle’s passion is helping people succeed and companies profit. As the Founder and President of Claim Leadership she is an expert on thinking and behavioral change that has transformed teams and cultures.

Paula’s presentations are fun and memorable. Through simple and quick exercises she creates the interaction necessary for deep, insightful learning that leaves her audiences with new tools to be more effective immediately.

Through customized training she improves team dynamics and transforms personal and professional effectiveness. Clients quickly realize cost savings in the areas of increased productivity, enhanced engagement and retention of key employees.

Her clients also report achieving better results at work, feeling less stress and enjoying more quality time with their families.

Paula spent nearly 20 years in corporate life and held numerous sales and human resources management positions for Fortune 500 companies, including GE and Aventis. Her awards include GE’s Managerial Award for innovation and Aventis’s highest sales award, The President’s Club.

Paula has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Human Resources from The University of New York at Albany and is certified as a Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF).