Get Back to Peace

The project changed. He said, she said. Someone upset you. In response you think or say, “This place is so crazy. Every time I turn around something happens.” That thought makes you feel unhappy, annoyed. It zaps your energy.

Now state the truth: “The project changed,” “He said my contribution was…” “She said she wants changes…” Keep to the facts. Stop the melodrama and be free.

When you keep to the facts you take the story and the sting away. “The project changed. My life changed. She said, he said…”

You can then say, “I can accept that… (whatever happened). I can be peaceful. I can take positive action.”

Decide to keep to the facts. Accept what is and move on. Let it go. Think, “I can do this, I can accept this” and take whatever action is needed.

If you can’t accept what is – the person or situation – say, “I accept that I can’t accept…” Accepting that you can’t accept the person, situation or thing leads to peace.

Either way you can have peace – by accepting what is, or accepting that you can’t accept what is.

Try it. Accept what is. Let it go. Stop the story. Choose to be peaceful, happy – SMILE. Then take positive action if action is needed.

Get back to peace.

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