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How To Be A Happier and More Powerful Person Today

Are you like me? At some point today you will go off-track, into spin.

Today fear, “The voice in your head,” will tell you something is “not working”.

You need a “re-set” or “EASY” button to hit – to get back on track.

Try this.

Practice gratitude.

Start your day with gratitude; then use gratitude all day long.

“Thank you for this day. I am grateful to be alive.

Thank you for my family, my team, great friends, and the people I spend time with today.

I appreciate them all.

I am grateful we all work and live (mostly happily) together; we can achieve remarkable things.”

“Thank you also for those who challenge me today.

They are teaching me. They remind me I am on “automatic” most of the time.

Today I can use PBS - Pause, Breathe and Smile, to interrupt my habitual reactions.

This frees me to feel more in control, to enjoy more of my day.”

Not a bad way to start your day, right?

Keep positive, grateful thoughts running in your mind all day.

Then focus on what you want today and be grateful in advance for it.

“Thank you especially for the successful meetings and all the challenges that happen today.

I know each change or “upset” can bring something even better to me. I will expect the best.”

When you use gratitude to expect the best, you program your brain to look for solutions.

Start now.

Say, “I am so grateful for…,” “Thank you for…” and keep adding to your gratitude list.

Write it down, say it out loud and talk to your team and family about how grateful you are.

Tell them how much you appreciate them.

If it's at work, be specific – “I appreciate how quickly you responded to my request.”

“I appreciate how you are coming to me with solutions to that challenge.”

“I appreciate how positive you are – your attitude is helping our team succeed.”

If it's at home, be specific - “I appreciate how you support me by __________ (being patient, kind, loving…)”

“I appreciate how you ___________ (handle a situation, care for the family).”

“I am grateful to have your _______ (friendship, love, help, support…)”

Switch your focus (to gratitude), shift your energy (to positive), change everything (life works).

This is how you use one simple step – gratitude - to be a happier, more powerful person today.

Practice gratitude.


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