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How to Break the Procrastination Cycle in Just 10 Minutes!

Today, there is something you must do.

Some task or responsibility that needs completing.


Maybe you feel stuck, you’re distracted, or the importance of the project adds too much pressure to wrap your head around in the moment.


So, you procrastinate.


Are you aware that by doing the task, you will become more successful in the long term?


In the short-term you will see improvement in your energy, self-esteem, and reputation.


Get it done!


By getting it done, you become more of the winner you deserve to be.


Still feeling stuck? Here’s how you get your #1 task done – that accounts for 80% of your success.


Use “GIT” – Give It Ten (10 minutes) to “Get it Done” for more success:


Set-up your energy: SMILE to shift to positive, feel better.


The steps for “GIT” – Give It Ten:

1.    Write your #1 most important goal.

2.    Set your timer for 10 minutes and hit “start.” This will get you into “flow.”

  • Flow is focused, calm, creative thinking = overcoming challenges.

  • Your brain loves flow.  Focus calms you; you feel better, you get more done.

  • Keep working for just 10 minutes.

3.    When your timer rings, reset it for 10 minutes. Work until you must stop.


When you’ve completed the task, notice how you feel.


Positive – focused – and productive.

Ready to take on the next task.


To reinforce your success: say to yourself, “Great job! You did it!”


Now, commit to the next highly important “20%” task.

Tell yourself, “I can get this done. I can do this,” and use GIT for 10 minutes.


Soon, you will notice you are more productive.

This calms down the critical voice in your head as you accomplish more. 


You are developing a new success habit of “getting it done.”

This habit re-programs your brain for more success.


Do this every day for 21 days.

You will then become unstoppable.


You will be living “GIT” – the 10 Minute Habit for success.

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