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How to Have a Calm, Productive Day Every Day

calm man sitting at his desk

I was driving myself crazy.

“I am so behind; how will I get all this done; how will I handle it all?”

I kept spinning, looking at everything I had to do, and accomplishing nothing.

There had to be a better way.

Keep your focus on today – just today and its priorities.

One task at a time.

One moment at a time.

Your upset comes from looking at “all” you must do.

This causes you to feel overwhelmed.

You can only do one thing well at a time.

Focusing on one task at a time calms your mind and helps you be more creative and successful.

Plan your day.

Work on your plan.

Do your best to focus only on what you are doing.

This will take commitment.

When you are pulled off-plan, switch your focus if you must.

Then go back to your plan.

When you keep your focus on just today and get your top priorities done, you feel calm.

One day at a time.

One task at a time.

One moment at a time.

This creates a peaceful, successful life.

Take a deep breath, smile, and commit to being right here, right now with your life.

Commit to a peaceful, successful life – living one day at a time.


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