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Power & Peace The Mindset for Managing Change

Before you go any further, sign-up for my gift to you – short, interactive 30-minute workshops Tuesdays & Thursdays – on Zoom. Join me every week, each week I will discuss a new topic.

“Power and Peace – The Mindset for Managing Change” Join me to learn simple tools to: • Feel more in control of your life = less stress • Get more work done in less time = more success • Be peaceful and productive = better relationships at work and home

Learn how to enjoy your life more, stress less, keep being a success.


I am grateful for this time of change.  It offers me a chance to learn and grow, to adapt. Like you, I have been challenged – a client paused our engagement, another delayed a speech. Then the stock market tumbled, temporarily decreasing my savings.

Despite the downturn, I see it as a time of great opportunities. Remember: crisis = opportunity. We must choose to modify our lives – our mindsets and actions – to thrive again. Here’s how.

I suggest you try 3 steps – Acceptance, Attitude and Action.

  1. Choose to                         Think and say, “This is okay, I can handle it today.” Accept the situation as being okay. It is what it is; it is your new reality. This is tough. But resisting, “This is awful,” makes you feel awful. You will act from a place of powerlessness.

Accept what is and take 100% responsibility for your life. You are in control.

  1. Change your Attitude to Gratitude. Think and say, “I am grateful for…, Thanks for…” Practice gratitude all day long to focus on what you already have and you will feel abundant. Then be grateful for what is next, “I am so grateful and happy for my new job, opportunity…” “When you focus on the goodness of life, you create more of it.” Oprah. Gratitude draws more.

  2. Take Action.                         Think and say, “I am powerful. I take action now.” A mind left to spin (stay away from news feeds, negative people), creates problems. Instead, make a plan. Then commit to it, to your success, and take action every day. Do what you can, with what you have, right now. This is an empowered life that works better.

Your life will transform when you change what you say to yourself, feel better and act calmly. Accept your life, with a positive, grateful attitude and take positive action.

Choose power and peace.


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