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Radically Reduce Your Stress

I struggled today at a meeting with a person who gets on my nerves.

Feeling out of control, wasting time is not a great way to live.

Suddenly I was reminded that I had a better way to handle this, and any stress.

No matter what you are facing right now, this will help.

When you are struggling you are resisting someone or something.

Your “I don’t like this” is resistance.

You are pushing against the person or situation.

Your resistance is negativity – you feel lousy (pain).

Feeling lousy will attract more negativity into your life.

Science proves “What you give out (negative), you get back (more negative).”

What can you do?

Here are some possibilities – you get to choose:

- Accept the person, situation or thing as being okay (peace).

- Resist the person, situation, or thing (suffer).

- Accept it and take positive action if action is needed (proactive peace).

Example - your co-worker is challenging you, upsetting you:

- You accept them, this allows you to feel better.

“They are who they are, I will let it go and move on.” (peace).

- You resist, make them wrong, let negative thoughts control you (suffer).

“They are so annoying, they want to win, are such a pain to work with.”

- You accept or make a request/take action for change (proactive peace).

Most radical action: “They must be having a difficult day; I will let it go.”

Your positive choice begins to create a radical habit for effectiveness and peace.

After all, how many great leaders do you know, who insist, “I am right?”

Great leaders are positive, calm, and thoughtful; they do what is best for all.

Respond calmly, positively.

Get it done while being kind, compassionate and fair.

This is radical. It requires self-awareness and discipline.

It leads to better habits for happiness, peace, and success.

You get to choose.

Choose to accept the person or situation and act positively to serve everyone.

This is a radical way to reduce stress.


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