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Transformative & Powerful Keynotes

The positive disruption your team needs

How to Build Resilience as Your Superpower

Determine and address what is holding you and your team back. This talk strengthens understanding, restores focus, and pushes teams to reach key objectives.

Master Your Emotions to Master Your Life

Build resilience to prosper in adversity. This speech shows you how to turn limiting behaviors into empowering ones that enhance efficiency and enthusiasm.

Managing Constant Change with Calm and Clarity

Take control of your emotions and behaviors. This talk offers a method for transforming automatic reactions into deliberate responses, and helps you overcome negative thinking.

Watch Paula in Action! 

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Paula Guilfoyle Clip One

Paula Guilfoyle Clip One

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Paula Guilfoyle Clip Two

Paula Guilfoyle Clip Two

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Paula Guilfoyle Clip Three

Paula Guilfoyle Clip Three

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Need a customized Keynote?

  • Tackle Challenges Specific to your Organization

  • Create a Keynote Speech tailored to your needs

  • Enhance Leadership & Team Dynamics

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