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Are you experiencing extreme change, are your leaders and their

teams struggling with constant disruption while you lose your

key talent, miss critical goals and experience lowered morale

and teamwork?


Claim Leadership can help transform your leadership team and

strengthen your culture.


Claim Leadership (CL) Keynotes are the first step in creating leaders who

can effectively manage and lead through extreme change.

Think Better - Perform Better

Most Requested Keynotes

Paula Guilfoye Speaking
“Managing Constant Change with Calm and Clarity”

Your success lies in your ability to notice and change what is not working for you and your team.

To do this, you must be aware of what could be holding you back, how to more powerfully

influence your team and how to keep everyone motivated and focused on their key goals.

In “In Managing Constant Change with Calm and Clarity,” you will learn:

A simple practice to raise your awareness to be a more proactive leader.

  • How to get your focus back when you have too many priorities.

  • How to achieve more of your top priorities and help your team do the same.

  • How to regain your energy and focus to get your work done.


The result: achieving more of your goals in a shorter time frame, feeling empowered,

and clearer as a leader and being able to lead your team more effectively.

“How to Build Resilience as Your Superpower”

The key to your happiness, success and peace is resilience.

– the ability to bounce back after constant challenges and change.


But what does it mean to be truly resilient?              In this workshop Paula gives you simple tools to build resilience as a habit.

Paula’s simple formula (taught/now applied at Lowe’s, Bank of America, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Charlotte and many others) allows you to change your reactions to powerful

habits to effectively execute your key goals and thrive during change.

In “How to Build Resilience as Your Superpower”, you will learn how to:

Recognize when you are “on automatic” and how it limits your effectiveness at work and your overall happiness.

Interrupt the unconscious habits that sidetrack your

most important goals and relationships.

Create empowering habits to be more effective at

work, so you can be happier and more successful.

The result: gaining more control of your priorities at work,

Experiencing more happiness with those most important to you at home.

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“Master Your Emotions to Master Your Life”

Every day you get to choose how powerful you will be, how you will accomplish your most important goals.

Yet, your unconscious habits hold you back. By becoming more in charge of your emotions and therefore your behavior, you can make small, impactful changes to how you create your

day and achieve your goals to become more successful and confident, knowing that you and your team are on track.

In “Master Your Emotions to Master Your Life,” you will learn:

  • A simple formula to transform your automatic reactions to focused responses.

  • How to regain your energy and creativity to get your work done.

  • How to break the thinking that contributes to the downward emotional spiral.

  • How to feel better immediately to get your mostimportant work done.

  • Tactics to overcome the negative thinking that makesyou feel out of control.


The result: being more effective and calm at work;

experiencing more quality time at home.

#1 Rated Speaker

(Out of 8 Speakers) -
CIO IT conference

“Paula was the #1 rated speaker at the Charlotte CIO Forum. Paula’s knowledge, energy and command of the audience kept the participants engaged, intrigued and excited. In fact, most of the presenters that day referred to Paula’s keynote and built on it. We look forward to having Paula on our stage for years to come.”

What people are saying:


“If you are looking to create not just an event, but an experience your group won’t be able to stop talking about, look no further.”


“Paula was a stand-out speaker at our most recent annual event. Numerous participants remarked on the quality and energy that Paula delivered. We immediately reserved Paula for next year and I was thrilled to hear that some of our participants have individually engaged Paula to work with them.”

Conference Attendee

Getting the right speaker for your next event is simple:

1. Discover the goals for your audience

Change begins with understanding

2. Customize a keynote

Each company and team has it's own unique challenges

3. Hear the buzz

Become the place people love to bring their best work.

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