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Paula Guilfoye Leadership Training

It's not about me. 

Seriously, it's all about your team.

"My passion is helping people succeed and companies profit."

- Paula Guilfoyle

You're spending too much time dealing with people problems

I help teams improve organizational results by focusing on:

Leadership Thinking



Embrace Uncertainty



Personal & Leadership  Effectiveness

Personal & Leadership 


Habit Change



Stress Management



Leadership Team.jpg
I understand how frustrating it is to keep spinning your wheels with an under-performing team.

The last thing you want to do is blow up your team. But staying in neutral isn't an option either.


30+ years ago while working in corporate America I began challenging my own thinking. I knew my mindset had everything to do with effective work and a happier life. The things I learned became the foundation for my Claim Leadership model and program.


It's my passion to turn an under-performing team into a band of elite players.

What if every team member viewed themself as a leader?

It all begins when people realize it's possible to become a better version of themselves. If each person sees what's possible personally then they WILL work better together as a team.


I like to think the end result is people truly finding JOY both in themselves and at work.


In 2010 I put my 20 years of corporate experience to use, along with my Masters in Counseling Psychology and HR, to form Claim Leadership.


Since then I've been able to help hundreds of teams transform unhealthy (and sometimes toxic) cultures into places people love to work.

About Paula Guilfoyle
Fortune 500 Team Training
Tracey Gillespie, SVP
Business Transformation Strategy
Wells Fargo

"If you are looking to create not just an event, but an experience your group won't be able to stop talking about, look no further."

Malcomb Coley, Office Managing Partner
Ernst & Young, LLC

"I heard MANY positive comments and GREAT feedback after Paula's session, and it hasn't stopped yet. I was personally impressed with Paula's energy, stories, and knowledge. Really helpful information...I would not hesitate to hire Paula again"

Grace Nystrum, SVP
Strategic Marketing Executive
Global Banking, Bank of America

"Outstanding! High energy - Paula kept everyone engaged. I will be referring Paula to more colleagues. We need her unique approach to self-development."

What makes Paula unique?

Most trainings lack lasting impact

The numbers don't lie. After only 5 sessions a Fortune 500's team said:

"I supervise a team of 6. And her words pop up on our regular team check-ins all the time. They all apply her concepts to work and personal lives. They bring her words up in our regular meetings. They respond positively to one another, are less reactionary, and have improved communication."


Of participants said "YES" they wanted the sessions to continue.


Of participants committed to attending future sessions.


Improvement in work-life balance skills ("I have tools to help me balance - to perform better at work and home".)


Improvement in stress management ("I know how to take steps to manage stress".)


"Improvement in employee satisfaction ("I enjoy coming to work each day".)

Team Transformation.jpg

Simple transformation in 3 steps:

1. Listen to what matters most

Change begins with understanding

2. Create a tailored plan

Each company and team has it's own unique challenges

3. Build a high capacity team

Become the place people love to bring their best work.

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