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Paula Guilfoyle

President & Founder of Claim Leadership

Paula Guilfoyle, with over 30 years of experience in leadership and personal development, specializes in transforming mindsets, enhancing productivity, and boosting engagement. As a keynote speaker and trainer, she helps individuals navigate change and stress.


Her GAP Formula improves productivity, engagement, and retention while reducing stress and promoting a positive, inclusive environment. Paula has worked with companies like Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, Microsoft, KPMG, and Collins Aerospace.

Before founding Claim Leadership, Paula spent 15 years in leadership roles in Human Resources and Sales at GE and Aventis, earning accolades like GE’s Managerial Award and Aventis’s highest sales honor, The President’s Club.

In her personal life, Paula enjoys spending time with her partner Jeff and daughter Melia, and loves biking, hiking, traveling, and baking.

Onyeka Nchege - SVP/CIO, Novant Health

"Paula, you have been incredibly helpful to me, and my teams, and you are a difference maker. I have trusted you to work with my teams at Coca-Cola and Novant Health because you understand my need as a CIO to constantly improve retention, morale/engagement, and productivity. You deliver results."
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