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Virtual Team Training

Think Better - Perform Better

Creating Resilient Leaders and Teams to

Hit Your Financial Goals

Unlock Your Team's Potential with Paula's Neuroscience-Based Workshops

Interactive, Engaging Workshops that Get Results

Participants retain the knowledge and apply it immediately, empowering teams to conquer challenges.

90% of teams continue the program with Paula – her interactive style and effective tools deliver results.

From a single session to a comprehensive program, Paula's unique approach transforms your team into a problem-solving powerhouse.

Most trainings lack lasting impact

The numbers don't lie. After only 5 sessions a Fortune 500's team said:

"I supervise a team of 6. And Paula's words pop up on our regular team check-ins all the time. They all apply her concepts to work and personal lives. They bring her words up in our regular meetings. They respond positively to one another, are less reactionary, and have improved communication."



People said "Yes - continue the program".



People said "Yes, I have meaningful work".



People said "Iam staying" or "unlikely to leave" in the next 6 months.



People said "I always or most of the time" have to perform better at work.



People said "I know how to take effective steps to reduce stress".

150 Attendees Surveyed

Paula is a dynamic Keynote Speaker and Trainer. My team came away with simple tools they applied immediately and use daily to overcome work challenges and relationship issues. 
They love “PBS'' and use it daily. It helps them be more positive, focused, and productive.”

E. Brown, Executive Director, Collins Aerospace (Part of Raytheon Technologies)
“…Wow!  She is an amazing and enlightening speaker. Her presentation illuminates how to be more productive and happier in life and at work.  She is engaging, entertaining… and offers steps on how to be a better version of yourself and contributor in the workplace.” 

~J. Derby, Principal Northwestern Mutual, Derby Associates

9.23 rating out of 10 for Paula’s workshops and speaking 
From 1000’s of votes from fortune 500 companies.

Make a unified team your

competitive advantage


Learn the GAP Model, a powerful roadmap to overcome common work and life challenges.

Transformative Thinking

Get the tools to re-program your brain for increased energy, creativity, and peace during challenging times.

Uncertainty & Change

We can re-invent ourselves during uncertainty and change. Discover the mindsets that hold us back and how to move forward.

Work-Life Balance

Happiness is the hidden key to success at work and home. There are many surprising paths to happiness that will transform your team!


There are common obstacles to the success of most teams. Uncover these and re-energize your team and leaders for higher performance.


Research shows that leaders who are 

resilient are most effective at managing 

constant change.

1. Listen to what matters most

Change begins with understanding

2. Create a Customized Plan

Each company and team has it's own unique challenges

3. Build a high capacity team

Become the place people love to bring their best work.

When you schedule a call I'll do the following:

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