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Virtual Team Training

Improve leadership in hybrid, master mindset & behaviors for teamwork & adapt to changing work environments

Bottom line: increased productivity, retention & engagement = increased revenue

Training for any size team or organization

In-person & virtual options available

Custom Keynote
Jump Start

Keynote or Workshop

Looking for a "shot in the arm" to jump-start your team or a keynote for your next training event?


My speaking focuses on mindset, resilience, managing through uncertainty and change, leadership, teamwork, and success.


I'll work with you to customize a message that's perfect for your audience.

Monthly Team Trainings

Monthly Team Engagement

Most teams need ongoing support and training to see lasting change.


My approach is highly interactive. Everyone stays engaged, able to personalize the information and apply it when faced with new challenges.


We focus on building stronger internal motivation to succeed, shifting our perspectives, and learning to ask new and better questions that drive innovation.


The Claim Leadership Model is proven to drive results and build a happier and healthier workplace.

Executive Coaching

Leadership Level Development

I work one-on-one or with small groups of high-level teams and with groups of senior leaders to address the challenges of leading diverse and complex teams.


Discover what is keeping you and your team "stuck" and come up with strategies to enact lasting change.


You are here because you've already shown big-time leadership. Now up-level those skills to unlock even more.


I only take a few of these each year.

Some topics teams have chosen to cover (click to download): 

Make a unified team your

competitive advantage

Interactive keynotes are 20-75 minutes long and can be adapted into 30-90 minute seminars and half-day or full day workshops.

Leadership Training

Learn the GAP Model, a powerful roadmap to overcome common work and life challenges.

Transformative Thinking
Transformative Thinking

Get the tools to re-program your brain for increased energy, creativity, and peace during challenging times.

Uncertainty & Change
Uncertainty and Change Training

We can re-invent ourselves during uncertainty and change. Discover the mindsets that hold us back and how to move forward.

Work-Life Balance
Work-Life Balance Training

Happiness is the hidden key to success at work and home. There are many surprising paths to happiness that will transform your team!

Teamwork Training

There are common obstacles to the success of most teams. Uncover these and re-energize your team and leaders for higher performance.

Sales Training

Create the mindset for breakthrough sales results and connect to the happiness and balance you crave.

1. Listen to what matters most

Change begins with understanding

2. Create a tailored plan

Each company and team has it's own unique challenges

3. Build a high capacity team

Become the place people love to bring their best work.

When you schedule a call I'll do the following:

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