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Training Leaders to Be Resilient

Leadership Training, Keynote Speaking and Coaching for Productivity, Retention and Engagement

Better Leaders
Better Employees
Better Results

What if you had a system that

set Leaders free to do their best work?

What impact could increased focus and productivity have over time?

Great companies are full of remarkable Leaders.

Claim Leadership Training creates Leaders who...

Are resilient during challenging times.

Are self-aware, recognizing limiting mindsets & triggers.

Self-manage, taking 100% responsibility.

Reframe problems to opportunities.

Overcome procrastination & get more done.

Results say it all

After only 5 workshops a Fortune 500 reported these numbers: 


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Some of our great partnerships:
Paula Guilfoye Speaking

Why work with Paula Guilfoyle?

Maybe you've thought these things: 

"I keep having to put out fires."


"If only we could focus on what's most important."


"I need tools to increase morale and get my team working effectively." 


"Meetings aren't effective. Too much wasted time."


"I carry too much of this stuff home with me. It's just not worth it."

"I'm committed to helping my team manage through change, but need an expert to help."

Thankfully things don't have to stay this way.

Armed with the right tools, large companies just like yours have turned underperforming teams with a team of superstar Leaders.


I started Claim Leadership because I am committed to transforming Leaders to become the best version of themselves.


What's most surprising is the tools I teach are SO VERY SIMPLE and immediately impactful.


Every single thing I do is about teaching Leaders to move themselves and their teams from stress to success.

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Corporate team.jpg

For almost 20 years I held positions in Fortune 500 companies, was given a Managerial Award for innovation at GE, and highest sales award at Aventis. I've been there and know the good (and the bad).


The same thing is true in all those organizations: If you care about the bottom line then you you need to care first about your people.


I put my corporate background, Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and HR, and coaching skills to use to develop the Claim Leadership program.


Since starting in 2010 I've been able to help many teams transform unhealthy (and sometimes toxic) cultures into places people love to work.


I'd love to customize a plan for your team!

Has Hybrid caused you to lose more of your talented people?

What's this costing you?

Are you losing people?
High turnover

The cost of losing people is on average $45k - $182k

Typically companies lose their most talented. They are harder to replace and require higher salaries. 

Negative impact on team = lowered trust, missed goals, and lower engagement

Is your team disengaged?
Team Disengagement

79% of employees are disengaged

(just there for the paycheck)

For every 100 employees disengaged a company loses $3,094,000 each year.  

Business Meeting

"Paula is the impact specialist every team needs."

"We hired Paula to get the team working more effectively. What we didn’t know is how extensive Paula’s knowledge and experience is. She improved our bottom line dramatically and assisted us in moving people who were impacting effectiveness. I consider Paula a friend and valuable confident who has changed my life significantly as well as the lives of my team.”

Ana Pryor - Controller, Groninger USA

"Hire Paula... she directed people to take ownership of their problems and taught them how to get out of any tough situation, get the work done, and keep our clients satisfied. The results speak for themselves. We saw significant improvements in productivity, engagement, morale, teamwork, and stress management. Remarkable. If you have major change, morale issues or your team is not functioning at a high level, reach-out to Paula. I highly recommend her without reservation."

Sharon Campbell - Coca-Cola Company Consolidated

“Our teams benefitted in many ways…. People connected with Paula and her messages immediately, and her unique program created deep, lasting change in aligning our focus and self-awareness to our goal of increasing meaningful business results.”

Jason Silverstein - VP Product & Engineering, Rightside


Outstanding leaders are made when you combine the right qualities with the right training.

Flexible, highly interactive training:
In-Person & Virtual
Wherever you are, whenever you need.
Professional Woman


Change begins with vision, wisdom and application. Book a highly interactive keynote full of simple and memorable tools backed by research in neuroscience and how people learn.


Could a corporate training program actually feel exciting? Paula's training is practical and based on neuroscience. It has worked for thousands. Let it work for your team!

Cheerful Business Meeting


Looking for one-on-one coaching on how to maximize the performance of your team? Work with Paula to hone the skills needed to become the leader employees want to follow.

Schedule a Call
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How we transform your team:

1. Listen to what matters most

Change begins with understanding

2. Create a tailored plan

Each company and team has it's own unique challenges

3. Build a high capacity team

Become the place people love to bring their best work.

Want to work with Paula?

Stop wasting money on ANOTHER training and start TRANSFORMING your team today. 
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