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3 Simple Steps CIO’s Can Implement for Leadership Success

Are you an executive or CIO who is struggling with your team?

Need some insight and ideas to help develop leaders and move forward?

Remember: your only limitation is in your thinking.

To create more success, recognize that your leadership depends upon your TEA:

- The Thoughts you think

- The Energy or feelings those thoughts create

- The Actions you take as a result of your energy and feelings

Instead of thinking, “My work is full of problems.”

Reframe to: “My work has a number of situations. I can handle any situation.”

That reframe opens your mind to possibilities – for managing change.

Leadership Success in 3 steps:

1. Create a goal – a clear vision – what will it look like, feel like to hit your goal. Write it down.

2. Feel the feeling of already having it – see it/imagine it – this will help you create the steps.

3. Then take action – allow intuition to guide you. Create the plan. Take action immediately.

How to be a coach – your meetings become leadership training:

1. Start meetings with a positive re-frame:

“We have a situation here. What is the most positive way to view the situation?”

2. Create possibility thinking for success:

- It is not your situation that limits you.

- It is always your thoughts and feelings about a situation that result in success – or failure.

- Ask, “What is the most positive way to view this situation? What steps can we take?”

Success Notes for Leadership Training – why and how this works:

Your positive thinking and feelings about your goal creates a feeling of success in your subconscious.

Your subconscious responds with ideas to help you create the goal.

ACT immediately on the intuitive idea of what will work in your situation.

Decide what your goal is – feel like you have it already; imagine it – and take action.

Leadership Success in 3 steps.


Paula Guilfoyle is a Speaker and Consultant on The Mindset & Behaviors for effective leadership and teamwork.

Her company, Claim Leadership, helps IT teams get back on track during extreme change and disruption. Using simple tools from her GAP Formula, she teaches teams to become more positive, focused, and productive. Work gets done, clients are satisfied; turnover is reduced, and teams are successful and engaged. Her clients include Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, Microsoft, and Accenture.

Paula: 704-906-8045 (call/text with name please)

Paula Guilfoyle

Consultant – Transforming Teams

Call now: 704-906-8045, email: or visit her website

Result: 5 minutes of your time = a free interactive workshop to get the tools you and your team need now.


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