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3 Steps to Turn It Around - for Peace and Happiness

You deserve to feel peaceful, happy, and successful.

Yet, your world is full of “triggers” – thoughts and experiences that derail you.

Your ability to recover from those triggers determines your happiness, success, and peace.

So, how do you limit negativity and feel better?

Use 3 steps from my GAP Formula to move back to happiness, success, and peace:

Gratitude Acceptance Presence


Think of 3 things, people, or experiences you are grateful for. List them here/in your mind now:

1. _________________ 2. _________________ 3. _________________ (family, health, friends)

Noticing what you are grateful for focuses you on what is good right now, shifting you to “my life works.”

Saying, “I am grateful for…,” alerts your brain to new possibilities. It gets you out of your rut of “poor me.” Please, do this now. You will feel so much better.


Ask yourself, “what is my greatest challenge right now?” Then, “who or what do I need to accept right now?”

Whatever you are pushing against/resisting is negative – it causes you to feel badly.

When you accept what is – in the moment - you are peaceful. Focus on, “This is okay; I can handle this.”

Acceptance allows you to move past the situation. Or, if you cannot accept, you can still choose peace.

Say, “I cannot accept that….” Accepting that you cannot accept will also bring you peace. Try it now.


A reminder: Be present. Focus on “relaxing into the present moment.” Appreciate that “now” is all you have.

Recognize that your “problems” come from listening to the voice in your head, focusing on past and future.

Being present – focusing on your work, noticing nature, or listening to a friend – is very calming.

Ready to be in the present moment right now?

Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your pursed lips, as if you were whistling.

Do this three times. Stop and try it now. Notice how good you feel in less than a minute.

And SMILE, knowing this moment is okay when you keep to the facts. “I am doing my work and I am okay.”

Decide to rescue your day by “getting into the GAP”:

Gratitude = appreciate all you have – people, health, home, opportunities to grow.

Acceptance = stop pushing against everything around you. It is a bad habit you can change. Accept what is.

Presence = “Be Here Now.” Relax into the present moment. Start with nature. Stare at the beauty around you.

Try these tools now. You deserve to be peaceful, happy, and successful.

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