Become Fearless

I was tired of holding myself back. Are you tired of limiting yourself in certain areas – like your work?

Today I realized I had been letting fear hold me back.

I needed to call a prospective client to arrange our next step – and I had hesitated for weeks.

When I finally called, she said she had been thinking about me and wanted to schedule a workshop.

And, since science says my work and your work impacts 1000’s I was holding 1000’s back – by not calling her.

Why did I hesitate? What was in the way of my taking action?

It was simply a belief: “She might not see the value of my work.” Total B.S. = Belief System, and BS – not true.

My belief – your beliefs - are thoughts you keep thinking; they are made-up ideas, your “truth”.

They are the software of your brain, installed years ago, reinforced thousands of times by your thinking.

Unless your belief (thought) lifts you up, supports the best version of yourself, it is a LIE. It is fear.

The truth = “My work (your work) is valuable; I have results to prove it,” is your freedom.

The way I got to the truth: I acted and then looked at my fear – so it wouldn’t happen again.

After I took action, I asked, “What was holding me back?” and wrote until I had the answer.

My result = a workshop booked; 100’s who will be helped directly; freedom to be the best version of myself.

Your 2 steps to becoming fearless:

1. Act – do the thing you fear – NOW. By acting you overcome your fear. DO IT NOW.

Use GIT - “Give It Ten” (10 minutes) to get it done:

- Set a timer for 10 minutes

- Do what you fear – do the work, take the action – NOW – focus 100% on it

- When the timer goes off, re-set it, and keep going, work to get it done

2. Recognize your fear – what is it? Is it a situation, person, thing? Write it down = self-awareness.

Self-awareness frees you from repeating mistakes that hold you back.

NOTE: You may need to reverse the steps; ask about fear, then act; but don’t use this as an excuse to stop.

Is it really that simple? Yes, it is – and taking the smallest step is all it takes.

When you ACT you create the meaningful work you know is possible; you impact 1000’s.

You also get to a new level of self-confidence, self-esteem, and success.

What a pay-off!

Get over your fear. Do it now – get it done.

“Do the thing you fear most, and the death of fear is certain.” Mark Twain

Become fearless.


How does Paula add value?

Are you, your team stressed by uncertainty and change; are productivity, turnover, engagement, issues?

Paula is a proven expert, creating thriving IT teams with simple tools to shift thinking and actions.

Highly interactive Zoom workshops (45-60+ min.) improve productivity, retention, engagement, morale.

Proof? Coca-Cola Charlotte (CCBCC): 90% Engaged, 91% Retention, 79% Productive, 68% Managing Stress.

Call now: 704-906-8045, email: or visit her website

Result: 5 minutes of your time = a free interactive workshop to get the tools you and your team need now.

Paula Guilfoyle

Consultant – Transforming Teams

Call now: 704-906-8045, email: or visit her website

Result: 5 minutes of your time = a free interactive workshop to get the tools you and your team need now.

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