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Choose Radical Peace

Struggling? Stuck? Choose peace.

When you are struggling, you are resisting something. There is something, someone you are not accepting. 

Your “I don’t like this” causes your resistance (pain). 

Your resistance is negative – you feel low energy, unhappy = terrible. 

Feeling terrible will cause more negativity in your life.

What do you do? 

Here are 3 responses – which will you choose?

  1. Accept the person, situation, or thing as being perfect (peace).

  2. Resist the person, situation, or thing (suffer).

  3. Accept what is and take positive action to change it (proactive peace).

Example – your co-worker is driving you crazy: 

  1. You accept them, let it go and move on (peace).

  2. You resist and keep thinking about their poor behavior (suffer).

  3. You accept and make a request/take action for change (proactive peace).

The response you choose will determine your level of effectiveness and peace. 

The best response is to accept, with a positive attitude and take positive action.  Taking positive action = getting it done while being kind, compassionate, and fair. Radical.

You get to choose. Choose radical peace.


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