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Crazy? I Dare You to Try This

Do not read this unless you are open to outrageous ideas. Right now, you are on overload (as if I need to tell you). Your brain – that rascal – is fighting – resisting peace – and full of negative garbage. Which is exactly why I started yelling the other day.

Join me – and discover how yelling may help you access your calm, peaceful brain.

Yesterday I was unusually stressed by the negative thoughts going on in my brain. While trying to meditate I thought, “This is not working; how long can I handle this? When will I get relief?”

The powerful, positive me – was being overtaken by my negative thinking.

So, in the middle of trying to be calm I suddenly yelled. “Negative thinking, get out, get out! You are no longer controlling me! I am in charge!” Yes, this is where is gets a bit outrageous.

Command your brain to stop its negative thinking. It will cease once you are clear and strong in your commands:

1. Yell or speak (out loud or silently) to your mind to STOP thinking negatively. Stop the garbage.

2. Add a calm visual picture to focus on – the beach (works for me), mountains, loved ones, your goal.

3. Then speak what you want – “I am calm, I am happy, I am okay, I am safe, I can do this.”

Be the boss of your life. Decide you want to feel better and act in more powerful ways. Command your conscious thinking brain to stop the negative – to get out of your way.

Try it today – just not in public.

Say, “Stop, get out, I am in control,” with force and conviction. Yell for more power, or just state it as a fact. “Get out of here. I am in control.” Then close your eyes and focus on a peaceful picture or your goal – what you want to have, feel, achieve. Finally, speak positively, “I feel better, my life is working, all is well, I am powerful, I can choose peace.”

Notice how the negative is removed and the positive takes over – you feel more peaceful, in control. Recognize the power you have over your thoughts and feelings. Be open to the outrageous. Through the outrageous you may just find peace.

Say, “Stop, get out, I am in control,” with force and conviction until you feel better. Crazy? I dare you to try it.

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