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Create Feel Good Energy

That is garbage,” I think. “Get out of my head, cancel, cancel.” I am in a constant battle with my brain these days. I am one thought away from “crashing and burning.” One thought. How can that be?

“I believe something wonderful is happening to me today,” brings joy, feels good.

“This is going to be so difficult,” makes me feel lousy.

Ready to cancel the negative thinking and energy and replace it with something that works for you?

If you don’t feel good you are repeating negative beliefs. Beliefs are just thoughts you think over and over.

You think it is the truth because you have repeated it so many times. It has become your truth, a belief. STOP IT. These negative thoughts cannot help you. They will limit your happiness, creativity and success.

Notice what you say to yourself that brings your energy down. Then reverse the statements to positive. Speak about what you want. This creates a feel good, more successful story. It trains your brain to think better thoughts for better feelings and outcomes.

“I can do this” sparks drive, creativity and focus – you take action. “This is easy and fun for me” calms your mind, shifts you to a peaceful mindset – and improves results. “I know how to do this, and I can ask for help,” reminds you – you always have support.

Do you see how this works? What you tell yourself repeatedly about your life becomes your life – always.

Create feel-good energy. Shift to empowering thoughts that up-lift, encourage and get you excited. The more energy and excitement in your thoughts, the more your brain shifts to “feel good.”

Start with, “I can do this – I am confident and capable,” or “This is all working for me.” Then get your #1 task done. This will increase your success and happiness. When you are more successful, you believe you can be even more successful. You spiral upwards versus downwards.

Change your thoughts to create feel good energy. Think and talk about what you want with lots of feel good energy. Then take action towards your most important goals.

New energy + new actions = better feelings and results. Create feel good energy.


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