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Empower Yourself – Write A New Story

Do you know you have a “voice” in your head? It’s the running commentary of your life. That voice comments on everything; tells you what is possible, complains about the weather. The voice tells you a story about your life (good or bad) that can limit you. Your goal is to notice that voice – and create a new, empowering story – then live into it.

Your story – what you focus on and believe – is your “truth;” it becomes your life. Is your story powerful? If not, it is not the truth; but beliefs passed along during your childhood. And because you were small and they were your parents, you believed what they believed.

Remember Santa Claus? You believed that too. It’s time to change, time to empower yourself.

Recognize that your stories, those limiting beliefs, don’t serve you. They create a lens, a negative filter through which you see your world. This limits you. You have the eraser to the whiteboard of your life. Erase the garbage and create a new story.

Yes, you can do this. It happens all the time. People decide they want to be happier. They decide what they truly want, set new goals, believe it can happen, and take action.

Or, you can decide to be a victim, “I couldn’t do it.” Most people who didn’t do it, didn’t try.

What do you believe is possible in your life right now? Write it as 3 points quickly now.

Limited Life Story                    Optimistic, Excited About Life Story I am limited at work.               I am valued at work and am promoted by ____. I meet my goals. I have lots of stress at home.  My family decided to have fun and enjoy each other, and we do. I don’t make friends easily.    I am meeting friends quickly. I meet more people I enjoy now.

When you decide to improve your life by re-writing your story and setting goals, life changes.

Take action. Write down, think about and believe great things can happen. Set new goals. Act. No one ever had something happen in their life without thinking about it and taking action.

This is how you transform your life. You get excited about the life you have and are creating. You see possibilities you didn’t see before. You focus on what you want and feel it is possible. You take new actions with courage, and your life moves forward in exciting ways.

Empower yourself – write a new story. Then believe it, and take action. You CAN do this.


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