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Feel Better In 1 Minute

Are you like me – you “crashed and burned” this morning, or one day this week? This is your opportunity to shift – to feel better – calm, peaceful, and more successful. When you feel better you are powerful – happy, focused and getting work done.  How do you feel better in one minute?

You get “off” automatic (negative) thinking and onto “My life is working; I am successful.”

Science says to feel better; you must change the way you talk to yourself. Change your thinking.  You cannot get happier and more successful with your old thinking – it is not possible. 

Today choose a “feel better” thought to reprogram your brain. 

First, ask yourself what is your #1 goal?  Who do you want to be today, how do you want to feel? 

Next, create a powerful thought and repeat it any time your mind goes to negative. Repeat it all day long and notice how much better you feel. 

“I am a successful (title) _______.”“I am successful; I feel good, powerful.” “I am peaceful, calm no matter what goes on.”“I am successful; I get it done.” “I am hitting all my goals today in a positive way.”“I am happy and calm today.”

To feel better and perform better, you must change your conscious thinking, what you “say.” 

Today my thought is, “I am an excellent speaker, successful and happy.” What is yours? 

Choose a powerful thought and repeat it all day long – over and over again – for new results.  This will re-program your brain for success, happiness, and calm.

This is your way to Feel Better in 1 Minute. 


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