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Feeling Good Now

This morning I did not feel good.

First, I was condemning myself for not working smarter.

Then I was obsessing about what I wrote in an email.

Then I was thinking that what I was doing was not working.

I finally shouted, “STOP IT!”

Well, at least in my head.

Every negative thought you think takes away from your happiness, success, and health.

Every thought.

When you feel good – because you are thinking good thoughts – the world seems to go your way.

To be happy, to feel good now, think happy thoughts.

Feel the feeling you would have if you had your dreams, your goals – now.

The feeling of success draws success to you.

When you feel better, you perform better; others notice your happy energy and things go your way.

Think about something you created – your job, a relationship, some important goal.

How did you achieve it?

You focused on it, imagined yourself in the car, the house, the new company.

This is how you create anything in your life – by focusing on having it now.

Then ACT from that happy, “connected to your goal” place.

Think about it constantly.

Speak about it.

See it in your life – imagine it.

Most importantly, feel the feeling of what you want – as if you had it now.

Ask, “How would I feel (happy, excited, free) if I had this now?”

Then act – from your intuition - and watch as your goals become real.

It all starts with feeling good now.

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