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Getting Out of Your Own Way

The other day I was “all about me.” I was challenged by work; all I could think of was me, me, me. And, I didn’t feel good. This soon became a “poor me” victim story. Hmm – that may be how I ended up depressed for over 12 years.

Yes, really. For me depression was a habit; a way of thinking that took me years to overcome. Please note: I only know my experience; I cannot speak to clinical depression in general.

But enough about me.

Here’s what I know, and science confirms it. Staying in your negative stuff gives you more of the same – negative.

A quick way out of negative/down/depression is to find someone to help. Right now – just take 5 minutes – or be generous, commit to a bit more time. Listen, encourage, compliment; do some act of kindness.

Ask, “If I were in their shoes, what would I appreciate?” And then go do it.

Call them, text them, stop by and help them.

When you help someone else YOU benefit. You get out of your own way and feel better because you made a difference.

You get the idea.

Get out of your own way. Go out there and help someone.


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