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Give Yourself Peace This Holiday

It was a peaceful day.

Looking up at the sky, I saw it - the perfect blue sky with streaks of white.

Then I thought of my daughter, family, friends, and others I love.

Take a moment to get back to peace.

This is a gift you can give yourself.

First, take three big breaths in and out, slowly.

This calms your body, calming your mind.

Continue breathing (with eyes closed if possible) until you feel calmer.

Then, appreciate everything.

Start by asking, "who am I most grateful for?"

Think about them and silently thank them for being in your life.

Or be radical, and give them a phone call to tell them personally how much they mean to you - how much you appreciate them, love them, care about them.

This will improve your day, and theirs, more than you can imagine.

Appreciation for those closest to you, especially this time of year, creates calm and happiness.

Then notive what else you can appreciate in your life and give all your attention to that.

This includes the lessons of resilience. Give yourself credit for learning and growing.

Appreciate that you are strong, you overcame many challenges in your life.

Appreciate whoever helped you grow this year, who contributed the most to your life.

This may include those who most challenged you - your "teachers."

Send them thanks and peace.

Appreciate those you think are different from you, and vow to make a new friend.

This is perhaps the greatest gift you can give to yourself - to connect and appreciate another.

Recognize your connection to nature, the peaceful beauty all around you.

Appreciate nature - take in the beauty that is part of your life.

Take a moment to get back to peace.

Appreciate everyone and everything.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Happy Kwanzaa. Happy Hannukah.

I wish you peace!


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Paula Guilfoyle

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