Happily Getting It Done!

I had a million reasons for not getting my work done.  My allergies, my challenging projects, COVID – all just excuses.  As I started doing things that “do not matter,” my energy dipped.  It was time to get back to success – that great place of happily getting it done. 

Having a tough day? That is more than okay.

Every tough day, every challenge, successfully met, brings opportunity. Today’s opportunity = reprogram your brain for success.  Learn the habit of “happily getting it done” = more success, happiness, and peace. 

Say, “This is my opportunity to be more successful, happier – this is it!”

Use “GIT” – Give It Ten (10 minutes) to “Get it Done” for more success: First, put a smile on your face – to shift your energy to a happy place.  Next, set your timer for 10 minutes and hit “start.”

Keep working for just 10 minutes – your brain will agree to 10 minutes for “flow.”

  1. Flow is focused, calm, creative thinking = overcoming challenges. 

  2. Your brain loves flow.  Focus calms you; you feel better, you get more done. 

When your timer rings; re-set it for 10 minutes – keep working until you must stop.

When you get it done tell yourself, “I am a winner – I got it done.” Now, go on to the next “to do” and tell yourself, “I am happily getting it done.” 

You are developing a new success habit called “happily getting it done.” This habit re-programs your brain for more success. 


P.S. – Do this every day until you develop the “GIT” 10 Minute Habit for success.

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