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How Do You Become the Best Version of Yourself?

This morning I felt so scattered.

I could not keep focused.

I was not feeling good, taking the right actions.

Do you ever feel scattered?

Let me share what my problem was, and how I got out of it.

The problem? Not focusing on your #1 goal

I had not decided on my #1 goal. I had not written a plan for my day.

Without prioritizing my day and setting a time to do each task, I limited my effectiveness.

When you are not clear about your priorities and focused on finishing them, you feel unsettled.

Your day does not go as smoothly.

Use “GIT” is Give It Ten – ten minutes – to get it done.

GIT is a tool to overcome procrastination. GIT gets you into “flow.”

Flow is a focused, creative, productive place. You feel good - your brain is focused on your priorities.

To use GIT to overcome procrastination, take these steps.

1. First, decide - what is your #1 goal?

2. Next, set your phone timer for 10 minutes,

3. START - begin working diligently for 10 minutes.

You will feel calm, creative, and focused – you will be in “flow.”

4. When the timer rings, re-set it for 10 minutes until you are done or must stop.

Getting your challenging work done benefits you in 3 ways:

- You get an endorphin (happy hormone) hit. This energizes you, makes you want to do the next task.

- Your self-esteem is raised. You feel good about yourself because you completed important work.

- Your success is increased. You focus on completing key projects and you are promoted.

In short, you feel good – you are positive and focused, more effective = successful.

Become the Best Version of Yourself.

Write your list for the next day before you end your workday.

Prioritize your list based on what you know is most important.

Start your day with your #1 task – using GIT – “Give It Ten,” to get it done.

Become the Best Version of Yourself.

-------- Paula is on a mission to help organizations transition “back to optimal environment,” = what works best for all. She would love to connect and hear what your team is doing to retain your best talent through promoting open listening, addressing change anxiety and creating your “optimal environment” for engaged effectiveness. Paula: 704-906-8045 (call/text with name please)

Paula Guilfoyle

Consultant – Transforming Teams Call now: 704-906-8045, email: or visit her website Result: 5 minutes of your time = a free interactive workshop to get the tools you and your team need now.


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