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How Do You Feel More Alive?

Your mind is challenging you – with stories of what is not working.

You are looking at all you have to do and wondering how you will get it done.

Focusing on what is not working is a bad habit.

Slow down – I have an idea for you.

Appreciate Everything.

This will help you recognize how good your life is now, how things really are working for you.

Appreciate your life - notice the world, your world, is okay.

Look around. You have food, shelter, a place to do your work.

And you have people you care about who care about you.

Appreciating your relationships, your surroundings, and all you have, increases happiness, joy.

Appreciate Everything – at Work

Think about the parts of your work you really enjoy.

Focus on and appreciate the people at work who make you smile, lift you up.

Thank one person at work or home - appreciate them for who they are, what they do.

Text them – or call them - right now. Yes, right this moment.

This will give you a more alive, connected feeling, as you notice who contributes to your life.

Appreciate this moment = peace and success

When you notice and appreciate where you are, and what you have, you are in the moment.

Being in the moment makes you feel positive, peaceful, and happier.

Happier people are more successful.

Their positive energy ignites and inspires others, who want to work with them.

Be that positive person – live today, just today, in this moment while planning for tomorrow.

Appreciate everything while thinking one positive thought all day long:

“I know something wonderful is happening to me today.”

“I am disciplined and getting important work done.”

“Everything is working for me.”

As soon as you appreciate what you have and think more positive thoughts your life improves.

Appreciate everything.

This is the way to feel more alive and peaceful while becoming more successful.


Paula is on a mission to help organizations transition “back to optimal environment,” = what works best for all.

She would love to connect and hear what your team is doing to retain your best talent through promoting open listening, addressing change anxiety and creating your “optimal environment” for engaged effectiveness.

Paula: 704-906-8045 (call/text with name please)

Paula Guilfoyle

Consultant – Transforming Teams

Call now: 704-906-8045, email: or visit her website

Result: 5 minutes of your time = a free interactive workshop to get the tools you and your team need now.


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