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How I’m Practicing Gratitude This Holiday Season

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” - Anonymous

What you focus on will grow.

That thing that you keep thinking about eventually becomes your experience, your life.

So, make sure to focus on something good.

Practice gratitude.

Begin your day, even before you get out of bed, with gratitude.

Why? Because your conscious brain can only focus on one thought at a time.

Making it a good thought will set your day up with positivity.

One way I practice gratitude – is to write down 3 things I am grateful for and why.

I do this in my gratitude journal – and include things I am anticipating – grateful for new friends, better habits for my day, and opportunities at work.

Being grateful for what I have now, and for the goals I have for the future, programs my subconscious brain to look for ways to experience more happiness, more success.

Then I will say, or write something like this, to keep my self-talk focused on gratitude.

“Thank you for this day. I am grateful to be alive.

Thank you for my family, friends, and the people I will be spending time with today.

They are all gifts to me. I appreciate them. I will do my best to accept them, just as they are.”

“I especially appreciate the people I love, and those who love me.

Many bring me love, joy, laughter, and peace.”

“Thank you also for those who challenge me today. They are my “teachers.”

They teach me to be more patient, kind, calm and caring.

They help me become a better version of myself as I learn to control my emotions.

This sets me free to live the life I deserve – positive, happy, healthy, peaceful, and successful.”

Keep positive, grateful thoughts running in your mind all day to keep you away from negative.

Then focus on what you want today and be grateful in advance for it.

“Thank you especially for the successful meetings and all the changes that happen today.

I know each change or “upset” can bring something even better to me. I will expect the best.”

Start now. Say, “I am so grateful for…,” “Thank you for…” and keep adding to your gratitude list.

Write it down, say it out loud and talk to others about what is GOOD in your life.

Most of all, today I am grateful for you, my reader.

I know you have a choice about how you spend your time, and taking time to improve your life by reading my blog is a gift to me.

And, as you share the message with others, you help them become the best version of themselves. What a great way to connect with your teammates and friends.

Thank you also for your feedback – it helps me improve the blog and the book I will eventually write.

Remember: practice gratitude daily.

Switch your focus (to gratitude), shift your energy (to positive), change everything (life is good).

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Here is your challenge: see if you can practice gratitude for those family members who bother you the most!


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