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How to Be More Peaceful and Productive Today

A client said this simple, 2-minute practice helped her get past a “rough spot” many times.

Often, it is the simple things that get you back on track.

This will also help you accomplish more, hit more goals, and improve your life at home.


Practice gratitude.


The most powerful people – like you - know this.

Using gratitude directs your brain to what is working – at work and at home.


Why is this important?

Because neuroscience tells us that most of the time our brain naturally focuses on the negative.


“I don’t want to miss this deadline.”

“I am/my team is slipping on this project.”

“Why is this person, my team…,” “Why are my leaders…”


Gratitude focuses the “RAS,” Reticular Activating System – on what is working.

The “RAS” is a gumdrop sized piece of your brain that scans for evidence of your beliefs.


A belief is what you say repeatedly to yourself, positive or negative.

It is your internal self-talk, the thinking that creates your life.  


Think, “I don’t want to struggle with…” and your RAS focuses on “struggle.”

It hears the “main message,” – your struggle. It keeps your focus on difficulties.


How to get back on track? Focus your brain on GRATITUDE:

“Thanks for this challenge and the opportunity to learn from it.” = reframe = feel better.

“I am grateful for my team. We improve every day,” = seeing their strengths.

“I appreciate that whoever bothers me is teaching me.” = accept them, feel calm.  


The more you say, and think, “This is working,” the more your brain sees “this works.”

This is a fact; it is how your brain operates.


When you focus on gratitude you cannot focus on the negative.

Why? Because your brain is simple; it can only focus on one idea at a time.


Make it a good idea. Say, “I am grateful for…” right now, and feel better, perform better.


Practice gratitude.


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