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How to Have Your Best Life Ever

Someone bothering you? Some complaint about your life?

Switch your focus.

Think better = feel better = take better actions = better results = more happiness and success.

Your life just got better.

The “I do not like this, I do not like her…” creates disasters – in your mind, then in your life.

It is impossible to be truly happy when you are focused on what you do not want.

Switch your focus - think about your goals – about what you want in your life.

The best way to start is to imagine your goal – what you want – as here now.

See the goal in your mind – the car, the house, the paid bills, the friends, more happiness.

And, every day, write down your goal, create an affirmation about it, pretend you have it.

For example – specific goals:

I have completed _____ project by ______ (date).

I have ____ saved for retirement by ______ (date).

I am improving my relationship with ______ every day.

This is how you bought the house, completed the project, got the job, met your ideal partner.

You imagined what you wanted, felt like you had it, and acted when you received an idea.

Believe you can have it – by thinking, writing, and speaking about it constantly.

Imagine that you have it alreadyclose your eyes and feel it, see it, experience it in your life.

Keep feeling as if you have it - the relationship, money, job, house, or car.

Then follow your intuition (your subconscious) take action to create it.

Switch your focus to your goals and FEEL their accomplishment when you feel negative.

This is how you have your best life ever.


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