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How To Talk Yourself Into Success

“Yes, it’s really true, you just have to keep pushing on, even when it doesn’t seem to work. And then, as I keep telling myself it is working, and taking small steps towards my goals, it begins. Something starts to work, at work and home. All those small steps come together and magic happens. That’s when I start to reap the rewards of my positive feelings and efforts, and I feel great,” Jason said. Ready to feel great? Ready to talk yourself into success?

To feel great – to feel good no matter what – and to succeed = being in control of your thoughts and actions.

My client Jason knows this. He told me it was his belief in himself, in his life working that convinced him. “I knew that if I kept moving forward, listening to my intuition, telling myself it was working, that it would. I knew I was creating my life, my future – by talking my way into it. I talk to myself positively all the time. It works. I keep talking to myself about what I want, how I want things to happen. Then I take action.”

You know this. This is the fail-proof way to feel great; it is the way to succeed in life for leaders like Jason.

What you say to yourself, what you keep focusing on and acting on – will determine your future.

So, what are you focusing on now? What story do you keep telling yourself about your future?

Create your own story, perhaps starting with: “I know my day is working, and my life is working. I am succeeding.” “I focus on my top goals. I write 3 goals and take small steps for big success. I know I can succeed.”

These small steps will pay-off big time; it is like compounding money. Consistency creates big yields.

Be consistently positive with your self-talk; this will help you feel good and believe success is possible. When you talk to yourself as someone who believes in you, you encourage your own success. Then act.

To accelerate your success, try these 3 steps: 1. Write your 3 top goals for work every day. Make sure they contribute greatly to your success. 2. Ask a friend to be your accountability partner. Text your 3 top goals to each other every morning. 3. Report that you completed your goals. Share your excitement; encourage each other along the way.

Keep focused on positive, encouraging self-talk – to yourself and your “accountability partner;” make it fun. Notice how getting your top priorities done makes you feel more energized, committed and successful. When you feel good about yourself and your work – life works.

Keep talking to yourself as if the success you want is already here. “I am successful, this day is working.” Work with an accountability partner to focus on and achieve 3 key goals a day. This is the way to talk yourself into success.


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