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How to Turn Bad News Into Good News

They called me and said “no.”

My immediate reaction was, “This just isn’t fair, it should have gone my way.”

And who says it hasn’t?

Yes, I did not get the outcome I expected.

Who says that isn’t good news?

Think about it.

The project changed, they said no, you received unexpected news.

Does that mean your day is shot?

Not necessarily.

Between stimulus (what happened) and response (your reaction) is all your opportunity.

Your thought (“This is good news,” vs. “This ruins my day,”) will determine your outcome.

I immediately decided I was going to see this as “there is something better out there.”

And, just as I “predicted” something better showed up.

So, what is upsetting you?

Whatever is challenging you IS your opportunity.

Once you learn to overcome your automatic reaction – and create a new habit - you are free.

That is how you turn bad news into good news.


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