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Rebound for Success

Yesterday I was off-track, focusing on what wasn’t working. I kept thinking, “How will I get that to happen? How will I… What will I…”? It’s easy to let your thoughts get away like that.

Freedom is knowing there are different options – better possibilities.

Ask, “What am I thinking that is limiting my success, peace and happiness?” Then do what the NBA and all athletes do – change your thinking and actions with a better thought. This will allow you to rebound.

Notice the thought – “This situation isn’t working,” for example. Bounce that thought – say to yourself, “Cancel, cancel.” Add a better thought – “All situations work for my best,” and speak that new belief.

Keep thinking and saying, “All situations work for my best.” This will put you in a better mindset; your energy will shift and you will take better actions.

Know life is working for you. Turn it around with, “All situations work for my best.”

Rebound for success.


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