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What is bothering you? Whatever or whomever is bothering you is just your thinking. The situation didn’t cause the upset – your negative thinking about it did. You can focus on what you don’t like – “She upset me… I don’t want to…This is unfair…” Or you can have peace – very simply.

Choose a different thought. It is the easy way out. A better thought will create better feelings and lead to better actions.

“I choose peace.”                                “I accept this – I will let it be okay” “I choose to be happy.”                      “I will take action – and get my #1 done.” “I choose to be calm.”                        “I choose to be kind (towards myself & others).”

Yes, you have a choice – always. A better feeling is one thought away.

Having a challenge getting into a different/better thought? Put on music, take a walk, move in a fun, child-like way (dancing) and smile.

Be persistent. Don’t let one negative thought/person control your life. Choose to enjoy your day = “in joy.”

Then, with a new thought and a happy feeling, dive into your work. Focusing on a challenging task calms you. You enjoy a sense of accomplishment, which feels good.

Please – get on with your life – choose to be happy. It is a choice.

Remember: SMILE. Smiling shifts your brain to positive. You instantly feel better. Next say, “I am okay,” or “I feel good today,” or “It’s all going my way,” over and over.

This is the easy way out of negative – and into positive. Choose a better thought.


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