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The Path to Freedom, Peace and Productivity

Oh no, he was challenging me again. We were working on a project and he kept saying things that made me want to push back.

I felt frustrated, annoyed, ready to attack. How could I get back to peace and productivity?

I have 3 steps to freedom - to peace and productivity. Are you open to embracing your power?

1. Awareness.

2. PBSPause, Breathe and SMILE.

3. Let it go – stop resisting everything. It is a bad habit.

First, you must be aware.

Start by being aware - noticing how often you think, “this is unacceptable, I do not like this.”

This is you on automatic. You want everything to go your way, for people to change for you.

Guess what? They are who they are. They do what they do. You must choose to respond, not react.

Become aware – notice when you are annoyed or feel negative. Choose to be aware = powerful.

Or stay stuck in your own negative loops. Reacting limits your power to be peaceful and productive.

Second, Use PBS - Pause, Breathe and SMILE

This will “unhook” you from automatic, from choosing to be upset. This feels so good, it is your freedom.

Pause – Pausing interrupts your reaction – it takes you off automatic.

Breathe – breathing is calming – it lowers stress, making you feel much better. Breathe 3 times.

SMILE – smiling lights up your brain. It ignites a “happy” feeling.

When you smile, even a forced smile – you get a “happy hit” that shifts your mood.

Keep smiling for a minute or more to feel better. Remind yourself to smile at your computer all day.

Third, Let it go.

Remember: you can choose to be “right” about them, or the situation, or you can choose peace.

Say, “I let it go. I do not want to add any more negativity to my life, I choose peace.” This is powerful.

Then disengage. End the conversation, change the topic, step out of the room, SMILE. Feel your power.

Unhook yourself from automatically being upset, from being in a negative loop. Embrace your power.

1. Become aware

2. Use PBS – Pause, Breathe and SMILE

3. Let it Go

This is your freedom, the path to peace and productivity. Try it today.

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