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1 Minute to Your Breakthrough

I was stuck in spin, annoyed with a friend and then I realized… “Paula, if you want to become a better version of yourself, you must have a breakthrough.  You must determine what one step will help you transform.  This will change your entire life.” 

Your next breakthrough is one better thought away.

Every time you feel negative you are thinking a negative thought. This is your opportunity to start over. Start with a better thought.

Your goal is to re-program your brain for success, by changing your thoughts.  Better thoughts = better feelings = better actions = better results = more success.  It all starts with your thoughts. 

First, notice that you are thinking a negative thought. This is just a bad habit. You are on automatic.

Then, take the negative thought and reverse it – create the positive, “optimistic opposite” version. The “I can’t” becomes “I can,” or “This is all working.”

Try one of these to shift to “It’s all working:” “I can handle this. I am successful. I get tough stuff done.” “I can, I am powerful, I am making this work.” “I am successful, creative and productive; this works.”

Other “Life is working” statements: “I am capable, smart and successful. I feel good!” “I know how to do this; my life, my work – works.” “I am unstoppable; I am hitting all my goals.”

When you repeat positive thoughts you literally reprogram your brain for better thinking and success.

Here is how to reprogram your brain for better thinking = peace, focus, and success:

  1. Write one of the above phrases – or your own “feel good” statement on an index card.

  2. Keep it where you will see it often.

  3. When you have a bad feeling, repeat the phrase over and over – out loud or in your mind.  Multiply the impact: Walk FAST while speaking the thought out loud (out loud is better) or in your mind.

To feel better, re-program your brain for success; think and speak a better thought. 

Your next breakthrough is one better thought away. 


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