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How to Dramatically Improve Your Day

Some days, you just want the situation to go away.

Today was one of those days for me.

I was focused on the negative, saw everything as challenging.

How do you shift your energy so you can enjoy your day, your work, and other people?

You expect the best.

Studies show that people who look for “the best” usually find it.

Why? Because you are programming your brain to “look for the best.”

Your subconscious “listens” to what you say.

It scans for what you tell it to see – with the “RAS,” – Reticular Activating System.

The RAS is a gumdrop size part of your brain.

Its job is to help you become aware of ways to achieve your goals – what you really want.

Remember the first car you bought? The next one?

You had a clear vision of the make, model, color and how you were paying for it.

You EXPECTED to have it.

Now, if you want a productive day, a great meeting, a meaningful connection, do the same.

See what you want in your imagination. Close your eyes and see it.

Feel grateful for what you already have. Know you have what you need to achieve this goal.

FEEL like you already have it – just like you drove your first car to “feel” owning it.

Choose to feel excited, positive, confident.

Say to yourself, “I expect only the best today.”

Then look for it to happen.

This is how you dramatically improve your day.


Paula’s leadership training transforms your company’s culture into a place that engages and retains top talent, saving millions. Her clients include Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, Microsoft, KPMG and Collins Aerospace.

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Paula Guilfoyle

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