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Stop Limiting Yourself. Do This Instead!

Are you tired of limiting yourself in certain areas – like your work?

Years ago, I realized I had been letting fear hold me back.

I needed to call a prospective client to arrange our next step – and I had hesitated for weeks.

This specific client was in the audience when I presented a keynote, “Managing Constant Change with Calm and Clarity.”

After my speech, he introduced himself, said he benefitted a great deal from the interactive workshop, and asked if I would follow up with him.

I reached out and did not hear back immediately.

Rather than trying again, I began crafting a story in my head that he had changed his mind.

When I finally heard back, he said he had been thinking about me and wanted to schedule a series of workshops for improving productivity and engagement.

And, since science says my work and your work impacts thousands, I was holding thousands of people back – by not calling him.

Why did I hesitate? What was in the way of my taking action?

It was simply a belief: “He might not see the value of my work.”

Total B.S. = Belief System, and B.S. = not true.

Beliefs are thoughts that you keep thinking; they are made-up ideas, your “truth”.

They are the software of your brain, installed years ago, reinforced thousands of times by your thinking.

Unless your belief supports the best version of yourself, it is a LIE. It is rooted in fear.

The truth = “My work (your work) is valuable; I have results to prove it,” is your freedom.

The way I got to the truth: I acted and then looked at my fear – so it wouldn’t happen again.

My result: I booked a workshop where I directly impacted hundreds – none of whom I would have come into contact with if I had allowed my fear to hold me back.

By looking at my fear, and realizing I made up a story, I could see how to limit my fear.

How do I combat my fear now? With two steps:

1. Act. Do the thing you fear, do it NOW.

As the saying goes, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.”

To limit procrastination use GIT – “Give It Ten” (10 minutes) to get it done:

– Set a timer for 10 minutes.

– Do what you fear – do the work, take the action NOW – focus 100% on it.

– When the timer goes off, reset the timer, and keep going until you finish.

2. Recognize your fear. Name it for exactly what it is. Is it a situation, person, thing?

Write about what you feared. This practice will strengthen your self-awareness.

Self-awareness frees you from repeating mistakes that hold you back.

You may need to reverse the steps - name your fear first, then act - but don’t use this as an excuse to stop.

Keep going!

Get over your fear.

Do it now – get it done.

This is how to stop limiting yourself.

This is your freedom.

“Do the thing you fear most, and the death of fear is certain.” Mark Twain


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