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A Shocking Way to Get More Done

You just finished some great work. You did a wonderful job – Bravo! Now, what are you saying to yourself?

How about, “You are awesome ____ (your name)! On to the next step.” Notice how good it feels to encourage yourself and how infrequently it might happen.

That’s okay. You are a creature of habit – your self-talk may be critical – let’s change that now.

Today start a new habit for success. Support yourself for success.

First, decide on your top 3 tasks. Then, set a time deadline for each task. Finally, stop after you complete the work and say, “You are awesome,” and mean it.

Decide today that after each accomplishment you will do 2 things: 1. Cross it off your list – your brain will send you a positive hormonal “kick” for finishing it. 2. Say something kind to yourself. “Well done!” will do. “You are awesome!” is better.

Science tells us these 2 steps – completing a task and recognizing results – improves your work. How? The recognition = reinforcing the “get it done” behavior = new habits for success.

Remind yourself today that your work matters – you are awesome. Focus on all the good that you do in the world.

Then support yourself with a positive statement. “You are awesome” will do.

Remember:  support yourself for success.


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