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Be Kind to Your Mind

Stuck or struggling?

Be kind to your mind.

This will help you calm down.

Whatever you are thinking – telling yourself – is creating chaos, not calm.

Create calm by switching your focus:

  1. What are you saying about who/what you are struggling against?

“They are causing this issue I have; this is difficult; I don’t like this.”

  1. How is this making you feel?

“Lousy – low energy, angry, frustrated.”

  1. What is the new perspective you could have?

“This is all working for me; I can see this as an opportunity to grow.”

  1. What can you now say to yourself? What can you choose?

“I am doing the best I can.”

“The other person is teaching me – helping me grow.”

“I can let it go – release the situation, person, or pain and be free.”

You in chaos or control – it’s your choice.


Just think a kinder, more empowering thought – and keep thinking it.

Be kind to your mind. Brilliant!


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