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Blast Through Your Mental Blocks

Ready to work some magic in your life? Need some creative ideas? To master your life, learn to get your brain on board and blast through your mental blocks.

Try “The 20 Idea Method.” Adapted from Earl Nightingale, it is considered “solo brainstorming.” It is particularly effective when you are “stuck” and need creative solutions to life’s challenges. Try it for a few days in a row. You will be amazed at the work and life-changing ideas you get.

In three simple steps, here’s how it works – with 2 examples

1. Write your #1 challenge as a question at the top of a piece of paper: How can I be more effective with my team today? How can I be a better parent today?

2. Write 5-20 answers; just keep writing until you run out of time or have 20 ideas: Lighten up; fun sparks creativity Play more – be silly and fun = happy home Apologize to one person today = build trust Apologize to my teen = trust and connection Set-up lunch with the person who challenges me Be involved in their #1 interest = connection

3. When finished, circle one answer and act right away. This is the “magic” of the formula. You must TAKE ACTION on one of the ideas right away.

ACTION ACTION Apologize to one person today = build trust Apologize to my teen – text right now (Apologizing works magic in relationships)

Some points to remember: • Answers will come quickly at first; then, more slowly. It’s okay – it’s part of the process. • Do not “edit” or judge your ideas. Write down everything that comes to mind. • This practice will get easier as you use it more often. Start with your greatest challenge.

So, get creative. Try “The 20 Idea Method” right now on your biggest challenge – at work or home. And, let me know how its “magic” works for you.


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