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She said, “How do I get away from negative, Paula? It is all around me. My family, friends – all they talk about is what isn’t working, the gloom and doom.”

Right now, do you “see” negative all around you?

How do you get past all the negativity and feel better?

Use the magic of your RAS – your Reticular Activating System.

Your mind has a “Reticular Activating System” (RAS) that listens to your thoughts. Your RAS/subconscious hears what you say – and shows you evidence that it is true.

For example, “I am having a great day,” repeated over and over again = great day. Your RAS helps you notice more of your “great” as you repeat “I am having a great day.”

This also works in the reverse. Tell yourself your life is challenging, and you will see difficulties. Focusing on what you don’t want just brings more of the same. STOP IT!

Instead, blast your brain with happy. Tell yourself, “Things are going my way today, I am enjoying my life – things are so good.”

Be determined. To be happy you must decide to think happy thoughts, speak happy thoughts. You must create a happy habit.

Keep repeating one happy thought all day. Write it down and place it next to your computer: Today is a GREAT day              I am HAPPY                 My life is working PERFECTLY

As you change your focus to expecting happiness, your RAS points out what is “happy” in your life. It shows you abundance – family, friends, co-workers, experiences and great opportunities to be happy about.

It all starts with your thinking. Substitute “I choose happy” when your thinking goes off-track.

Blast your brain with happy.


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