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Calm In 1 Minute

How do you get calm and happy in one minute? You change your thinking.

Notice that many of your thoughts don’t feel good. You think 60,000 thoughts a day – many are repetitive, negative and not helpful. Science tells us to feel better, we must think better.

Focus on happier thoughts that empower you.

“I feel good.”                                   “All is well.”                          “I can do this.”

“I am a powerful person.”           “I choose peace.”               “I am happy.”

Now, notice that your brain may fight this initially.

“Feel good? Feel happy? Who are you kidding?” This is just your thoughts. Your thoughts are not “you.” They are just habitual ways of thinking.

To change how you feel, you must change your thoughts.

Here’s some more great thoughts. “I choose to feel happy – I choose that everything is okay today.” “Everything is working perfectly for me.”

Start now. Choose one thought that makes you feel good. “I believe something wonderful is happening to me today,” is one of my favorites.

Repeat it over and over – you will feel better, think better, perform better. Use it as your “go to” thought when negative thoughts come up and derail you. And SMILE – a new study shows that smiling helps you appear confident, happy.

People tend to like be attracted to those who appear confident and happy. And, smiling “alerts” your brain to feel good – so you instantly feel better.

To feel calm and happy – think a good thought and SMILE – while you get work done.

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Unknown member
Oct 24, 2021

Awesome blogg you have here

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