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Choose to Feel Good Now

This morning I didn’t feel good.

First, I was condemning myself for not working smarter. Then I was obsessing about what I wrote in an email. Then I was thinking that what I was doing wasn’t working.

I finally shouted “STOP IT!” Well, at least in my head.

Every negative thought you think takes away from your happiness, success and health. Every thought. When you feel good – because you are thinking good thoughts – the world seems to go your way.

To be happy, to feel good now, think happy thoughts. Feel the feeling you would have if you had your dreams, your goals – now.

The feeling of success draws success to you. When you feel better, you perform better; others notice your happy energy and things go your way.

Thinking about what you don’t want brings more of the same unhappiness to you. What you focus on – think about – grows in your mind.

Instead, focus on what you want, what makes you happy.

Think about it. Speak about it. See it in your life – imagine it like you were a kid again. Feel the feeling of what you want – as if you had it now. Then take action – from your intuition – and watch as you achieve your goals with less stress.

Think good thoughts. Choose to feel good now. Then take action on your highest priority. And watch your life change.

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