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Expect the Best

Some days I just want the situation to go away. Today was one of those days – a technical challenge; a series of endless steps. I just wanted it to go away – or someone to pop out of nowhere and say, “Got it!” But there was no one there – until I realized there was – what an experience!

I was there. I could choose to expect the best – to change the situation to success.

As soon as I did, as soon as I said, “This is fine, just keep going,” everything became easier. I knew if I kept saying, “This is difficult,” it would be. And it was.

Instead, have an attitude of, “I expect the best, I know my day will be great.”

You are in control. You get to choose. Choose to feel excited – “I expect only the best today.” Then look for it to happen.

When you have an attitude of, “I expect the best from my day,” that is what you will get. You will program your subconscious to look for the best in everyone and everything. You will start noticing how well things are going. That “expect the best” energy truly makes a difference because we are all energy.

Your energy goes out to your team, organization and world. It impacts your situation and makes it difficult or easy.

Say, “I expect the best,” often to yourself – and notice how you feel. Expect the best and you will receive the best.


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