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Feeling Good Now

Ready to improve your day?

How are you feeling? Your feelings give you a good idea of what you are inviting into your life.

Your thoughts – “This is going to be a wonderful day.” Create your energy/feelings – “I feel so good today.” Create your actions – “I know I’ll get a lot done today.” Create your results – Great work accomplished – which makes you feel good.

It all starts with your thoughts – and you get to choose.

When you are thinking about what you “don’t want” you feel badly and invite trouble into your life.

“I don’t want to have a difficult day/meeting/challenge at work.” “I don’t want to argue with him/her.” “I don’t want to be upset/stressed/rushed.”

Whatever you are thinking, speaking, feeling – you are inviting into your life. It’s a law of physics – The Law of Attraction. Stated simply, what you give out, you get back.

NOW – in this moment – you have a choice. Think and speak a better thought. This will shift you to feeling good.

“I am having a great day!” “I believe something wonderful is happening to me today.” “I like everybody and everybody likes me – we all get along easily.” “I am happy, peaceful and calm.”

Choose a more positive thought – and you will program your brain to feel better and perform better.

It’s your choice – what will you invite into your life?

Your goal is to feel good: peaceful, calm and happy. Let your “go to” thought be “I feel good – my day is going great!”

Think better to feel better and perform better. Invite peace, happiness and joy into your life.


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