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Feeling Lousy? Try this Quick Fix

What you focus on – what you keep thinking about, becomes your experience, your life.

To change from feeling lousy, focus on something good.

Practice gratitude.

Why gratitude?

Gratitude shifts your attention.

As you appreciate all you have now, you just feel better, .

Start your day with gratitude:

“Thank you for this day. I am grateful to be alive.

Thank you for my family, friends, and the people I will spend time with today.

I appreciate everyone. I will do my best to accept them, just as they are.”

“Thank you also for those who challenge me today.

Those people teach me to be more patient, kind, calm and caring.”

Next, focus on what you want to happen today and be grateful in advance for it.

“Thank you especially for the successful meetings and the unexpected events today.

I know each challenge will bring an opportunity to me. I expect good things to happen.”

Start now.

Say, “I am so grateful for…,” “Thank you for…” and keep adding to your gratitude list.

Switch your focus (to gratitude), shift your energy (to positive), change everything (life is good).

Practice gratitude.


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