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Happy at Work


Adjust your HAPPY.

Ask: What am I thinking about that is making me unhappy?

  1. “I have too much work to do.”

  2. I will never get this all done.

Notice: your thoughts about the situation, not the situation make you unhappy.

Change: think about the “optimistic opposite” of what you are thinking.

“I am learning new skills for my next role, with more money and opportunity.”

“I can handle this, doing my most important task first. I can make this fun.”

“I have a meaningful job that allows me to help others and learn new skills.”

Choose: To make the situation enjoyable.

Thinking Man

Ask, “Who can I help/lift today?”

Reach out: to encourage, help, laugh with someone who needs your support.

Now, smile and think, “I have a great life. I can choose to enjoy my job.”

 You are back to HAPPY.


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