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Happy In 1 Minute

How do you get happy in one minute? Focus on 2 steps – Gratitude and Goals

Gratitude works because it focuses on the GOOD in your life. When you focus on what you appreciate, when you acknowledge all you have – you feel good.

In fact, when you experience happiness, it is because you are focused on what is working.

So, what are you grateful for? Think of 3 people, things or experiences right now – and write or mentally list them here: ____, _____, _____.

Now ask, “What is my #1 goal today?” Accomplishing your most important task makes you feel successful and happy. You feel good because you know you are doing the “right thing;” your brain likes closure.

By getting it done you will feel happy, successful and confident.

Two quick steps: 1. Look at what you are grateful for – all the abundance you already have. 2. Then decide what needs to be done next – and do it – now.

Enjoy your life – by focusing on you have to be grateful for, and doing your best.

Focus on 2 steps – Gratitude and Goals. This creates Happy in 1 Minute.


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