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How to Feel Better – No Matter What

They called me and said “no.” My immediate reaction was, “This just isn’t fair, it should have gone my way.” And who says it hasn’t? Think about it. 

The project changed, they said no, you received unexpected news, something isn’t working. Does that mean your day is shot?

Not necessarily. That moment – the one right after “no” or “something negative” is your opportunity. Between stimulus (what happened) and response (your reaction) is all your opportunity.

And yet, if you are on automatic – just reacting in your usual way – you miss your opportunity. 

You may not think it’s such a “bad” thing – your blaming the situation, the person; feeling lousy. 

Yet, you are allowing your habitual thinking to control your life.  You are starting a downward spiral that feels lousy.  STOP IT.  

Your thoughts create and control your life.  Stop the spiral. Change your thoughts. NOW. 

Say out loud or in your mind, “I will no longer allow one negative thought to ruin my day.” “I choose a better more positive thought.” This will start to break your habit. 

Your thought (“I can handle this,” or “This ruins my day,”) will determine how you feel.  Good thought = good feeling = empowered, in control. Bad thought = bad feeling = victim, out of control. 

STOP IT, DROP IT. Whatever is bothering you, STOP thinking about it.  In my case I immediately decided to see the “no” as “There is something better for me.” New thinking, new, better feeling, = new opportunity for a powerful life. 

Get off automatic. Something upsetting? Say, “This is okay; there is something better for me.”  Re-train your brain for happy. Keep saying, “This is okay; there is something better for me.”

You are in control.  Feel better no matter what.


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