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How to Have a Great Day Every Day

Monday was very odd for me.

I decided to have a great day – no matter what.

No matter who upset me, no matter what challenges or changes came up.

And I did just that.


I decided to feel good, no matter what.

The intention to feel good helps your mind re-frame challenges and changes.

You notice how you can make your day work, instead of falling into old habits.

You start to shift, to re-frame the situation, and to speak differently to yourself.

For example, here are some ways I re-framed my thoughts and changed my self-talk.

First, I started late, so I said to myself, “That’s okay; I can still get my key tasks done.”

Then, I had a (big) change in my schedule and thought, “This will work better for me.”

Finally, a client asked me to schedule a last-minute workshop and I said, “That works for me.”

To feel good and perform at your best, decide you will live your day differently.

This is what great leaders do.

They live intentionally, without reacting to every change. They are resilient.

Their attitude about the day is “everything is working,” even when it might not seem to be.

Today is a new day and you get to choose.

Choose to feel good, to have a day that goes your way.

How? By re-framing every challenge, by changing what you think, and what you say.

This is leadership, this is resilience; this is how to have a great day every day.

---- Paula’s leadership training transforms your company’s culture into a place that engages and retains top talent, saving millions. Her clients include Coca-Cola, Lowe’s, Microsoft, KPMG and Collins Aerospace. She can be reached at

Paula Guilfoyle

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