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How to Talk to Yourself

“Think better thoughts; tell yourself your life is happy, peaceful and successful.” This was the advice of a mentor years ago.  Yet, it took me years to realize that what I “say” to myself creates my life. I call it self-talk.   Here is how you use it to create success, peace and happiness. 

Late for work? Change your self-talk.  Say, “I always arrive in time to handle all I need to do. I am calm, peaceful and happy.” 

Didn’t finish a task quickly? Change your self-talk. Say, “Everything I do, including this work, is contributing to my success and happiness.”

Your day not going quite the way you wanted it to? Change your self-talk. Say, “My day is working. I am successful and happy. I get my #1 task done quickly and easily.” 

When you change what you say to yourself, you empower yourself and transform your life. Your subconscious mind hears the new information and reprograms your brain for success.   It looks for ways to become that new person, with the new habits you are “talking” about. 

Choose one of the statements above and repeat it often – whenever you can. 

Or create your own self-talk using the following guidelines.  Make it personal (I, my), present tense (am, have) and positive (happy, kind, successful).  “I am successful,” “I am kind,” and “I am happy,” all work. 

Repeat positive statements over and over to re-program your brain for success and happiness. 

Think and “say” better thoughts to be happy, peaceful and successful.   Change your self-talk.


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